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“Where am I going to live? 
How am I going to pay for it?”

Because housing issues loom large in the lives of everyone in West Seattle, we’re working to help WNN members as housing needs change.

A few of us have taken to touring The Kenney and other similar housing options, including the upcoming August 25 grant opening of Aegis Living of West Seattle.  The goal is to assemble data about all of these options and to make it available to our members through our website.

Very importantly, we have been working to create three alternative housing options, which have the goal of extending the life of one’s financial resources and thus the length of time one can live independently in the community.

(a) Home-Sharing: This is when a WNN HomeOwner wishes to rent out a space in their home, be it a room, a mother-in-law unit, and/or a backyard cottage.  WNN will offer two Home-Sharing options – through an affiliate partnership with SilverNest and through WNN directly.   In addition, WNN will provide WNN HomeOwners with critically important information with respect to renting out space in their homes.

(b) Co-Renting:  This is when a few WNN members choose to band together to rent a property together.  WNN will facilitate them in figuring out what they want to rent, how they want to live together, and what they need for a successful application.

(c) Co-Buying:  This is when a few WNN members choose to band together to buy a property together.  WNN will be partnering with CoBuy, a Seattle organization which facilitates groups all the way through the process of buying a house together.

WNN has created a special Co-Living Membership of $100 for a year’s worth of participation in the Co-Living Resource.

WNN will offer a monthly Co-Living Orientation, the goal of which is to provide an opportunity for fellow interested members to meet and get to know each other as a first step toward forming a household, and to give them an understanding of and associated skills for dealing with all of the details relevant to Co-Living, whichever of the three options they may choose.

Both the Co-Living Member + the Full Member can participate in all aspects of the Co-Living Resource, from participating in a WNN Co-Living Orientation as many times as they desire over the course of their year’s membership, through being shepherded/facilitated in moving forward with whichever Co-Living option or options they may choose to pursue, to being supported in their ultimate WNN household.

WNN will teach each household group how to do dispute resolution for themselves.  And, should any particular dispute exceed their ability to resolve it for themselves, WNN will be available upon request to facilitate the dispute resolution.

We will be launching the Co-Living Resource at a reception on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, followed on Saturday November 3rd by a half-day-long presentation of all of the alternative housing options. 

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